We believe that Primary Education is the backbone of all knowledge amplification and dissemination skills in future. Luminescent effort is taken to strengthen the primary education. Play way method of learning is adapted. Teachers innovate and plan activities to make concepts clear in the most delightful way .Apart from the tastefully decorated walls, all classrooms are equipped with plasma T.V. and smart classes.

Students from class I are exposed to Fine arts, performing art, yoga and sports. Computer education is introduced from class I.


Continuous comprehensive evaluation as prescribed by the C.B.S.E .is followed from class I. Special assessment tools called ‘worksheets’ are given at the end of every module. Students with special needs and behavioural patterns are identified and referred to the Resource Room in the precincts of the school.

Children are taken on field trips, outing to local spots to acquaint them with places of significance and to improve their social and inter personal skills.

Open houses held at the end of each term have helped us create a trusted bond with guardians. Parents can also discuss their wards’ progress and interests periodically.