This is meant to create in our students increased interest in, and love for, the day-to-day scientific achievements of the modern world. This would help to tickle their curiosity to know more about the thrilling and marvelous contributions modern science has offered to humanity. Ultimately, this would help the student to equip himself with the creative mind to eradicate poverty and misery from the face of the earth.


The main objective of this club is to help the pupils to live in harmony with nature. It also helps to create in them, an awareness of the problems related to eco-system. Developing inter-school relations, helping the students to become self-reliant, and equipping them to take apt decisions in a crisis are some of the features of this club.


Seed club members organised a seminar to create awareness about the dark side of using drugs and alcohol. On the day of re- opening of LP session Seed club members distributed saplings to all students and parents. A painting competition was conducted on this day.