The lab is well-equipped with the latest State-of-Art Technology which includes sophisticated computer software. It is a resource center for teachers and students. All students of the school have the access to the computer lab and come for practical learning under supervision of experienced and qualified staff members. Regular workshops are conducted here to train teachers in a motivational method of teaching.


E-Blocks, an innovative method for teaching to children between ages 4 to 10 has been introduced in the school. This method provides unlimited hands on interaction, where children can learn by doing. This tool creates a unique learning experience that combines multimedia software and concrete material. E-Block are not used just to teach English and Mathematics with ease but this technology is extended to the whole curriculum. Facilitated by these E-Blocks students of Pre-Nursery to class II learn using the software with exciting pictures, animation, music and games which makes learning more meaningful & successful. The use of concrete material coupled with abstract computer generated stimuli fosters the development of cognitive skills. The manipulation of the E-Blocks not only provide the kinesthetic, auditory and visual exercise but a multiple learning experience.


The audio-visual rooms have been equipped with Interactive Electronic boards to make learning more interesting and easy for the students. The Visualization of the course content and other information helps them to learn the concepts easily and increase retention for a longer time. Besides this, the interactive boards with their compatibility with the learning styles, self efficacy and availability of quiz tool make them favourite with the students. This intergration of educational technology with courses, delivers excellent results. Students of senior classes are benefitted immensely as these boards not only provide them computer-based learning and web-based learning but also work as Bulletin Boards and Quiz tool, creating a total learning environment.



Keeping in view the multiple intelligence theory by ‘Howard Gardner’ we have various work experience classes and clubs such as music, Dance, Dramatics, Heritage, Environmental, Literary, Photography, Art and Craft, Taekwondo and Horse Riding to help the child develop the potential in his or her field of interest.



Well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs provide the children with the facilities to work practically. The students of all classes make extensive use of these labs, and these labs are regularly upgraded.


There is well-equipped library to inculcate reading habits among children and serves as a backbone to all the academic activities of the school. The school library houses a collection of 6000 plus books including texts, subject books, fiction and over 1000 references. The library subscribes to a sufficient number of newspaper and over 8 periodicals suitable for students and professional needs to the stuff. The resource centre library aims to motivate learners and promote learning and reading habits among children.



Sports are an integral part of the school curriculum. Various Sports facilities like Volleyball, Basketball,  Skating, Football,  alongwith the indoor games like Chess and Carrom, are enjoyed by the students. Regular practice under the able guidance of the coaches has helped our students reach the National level in many games.


‘Health is Wealth’. To acquire the wealth of health one has to sweat and toil. YOGA CLASSES are available in the premises for the students to remain fit and fine and become robust to meet the challenges of life.