The Gurukul Culture

Education is derived from the Latin word “educate” which means lead out or to bring out or develop. At Santhinikethanam, this definition is taken a little further. It is to cultivate and nurture the hidden potential of the child for an all-round development. It should give the child the power to recognize the Infinite, lift him out of obscurity and bring him to the forefront of an ever advancing civilization. This is the foresight that Santhinikethanam holds for its students.

A child must be happy and look forward to going to school, this is our simplified description of a “child friendly school”, and all activities will revolve around this objective. Let the kids be happy and this Happy Kids.

Imparting “Application Based Education” we believe, it is necessary to incorporate with it a Vocational Curriculum, along with Arts & Sports to produce a spiritual enthusiasm refinement & skill.


  •  The BOOK represents the source of knowledge. It contains experience-one’s own and that of humanity as a whole. This helps us to build the future.
  • The OIL LAMPS spreading light of knowledge .
  • The RADIANCE at the center depicts the ultimate, union - the union of human effort from below and blessing of the Ultimate from above. At this union one attains the fullness.
  • The Holy Symbols represent religious harmony.