Students who would like to build a carrier in the Medical, Engineering and Scientific fields have to get through different competitive examinations. These exams are of objective type and are intended to test the knowledge and memory power of students. To pass and excel in these exams is a herculean task for those students who are not practicing memory tests and descriptive tests during their school period. In order to excel in these exams, the school students must be given training in these examinations from the lower classes onwards. It is with this objective Santhinikethanam Institute of Advanced Studies has designed the “The Foundation Programme”. This course target NTSE, KVPY, Olympiad, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, IISER, IISC, NEET and several other competitive examinations. Through the classes of SIAS Foundation Programme, we give the training of the best quality in English Grammar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics to HS students in such a way that we can build a strong community who are capable of excelling in various competitive exams.

Eligibility for Foundation Course is students studying in class VIII, IX, and X.